I am the currently the ICON Newman Fellow in Genomics in University College Dublin. My primary research focus is understanding the connection between genotype and phenotype in a network context.

IMG_0733I initially trained as a Computer Scientist in Trinity College Dublin, and subsequently worked for IBM on high-performance computing and social network software before undertaking a PhD in computational biology at University College Dublin. During my PhD I worked in the labs of Prof. Pádraig Cunningham and Dr. Gerard Cagney in UCD, and Prof. Nevan Krogan at the University of California, San Francisco. The focus of my PhD was the analysis of genetic interactions in two yeast species.

As the ICON Newman Fellow in Genomics I have been focussing on human genetics – analysing genome-wide association data and also copy number variation in the context of disease.

I have recently been awarded a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship, to work with Dr. Chris Lord at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, and Prof. Walter Kolch of Systems Biology Ireland. With the fellowship I plan to combine my interest in genetic interactions and in human disease – specifically cancer.

You can find my publications page here and on Google Scholar here.